I don't always agree with R. R. Reno (editor of 'First Things' magazine), but his analysis of Brexit is insightful and beautiful. Reno proves he understands the issues driving contemporary history while advocating for the redevelopment of deep rooted loyalties to our fellow nationals.
Read the whole thing:
"To put it pejoratively, if 'Remain' wins today, we will continue down the path toward a global technocratic empire animated by a materialist culture in which authority flows to natural-science, economics, and technical disciplines (and ideologies) of social management—all of it baptized in the holy water of human rights.
By contrast, the vote to 'Leave' opens up the possibility of a different future, one in which national identities are renewed rather than 'fused.' There are no optimistic programmatic articles, of the sort Mahbubani and Summers penned, describing this future. That’s because the impulse to opt out of ever-greater union reflects an intuition, not a rational plan. The intuition is that loyalty, not prosperity, is the foundation of a healthy society. To my mind, it’s a sound intuition.
By contrast, national loyalty participates in the ennobling power of love. It binds people together, echoing in a small way marriage vows: for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health. The peace it brings is more durable, more trustworthy. For this reason, a vote to 'Leave' is not a 'leap into the unknown,' an irrational risk for the sake of misty-eyed nostalgia for a bygone era. It reflects a sound judgment about human affairs. Life is full of unexpected challenges, some dire. One is wise, therefore, to lay up a storehouse of shared experiences, shared history, and shared loyalty to endure the difficult times—together.
I’m hopeful that Great Britain will vote to 'Leave.' To my mind, the twenty-first century will require renewed loves, renewed loyalties, renewed solidarities. We need to recapitalize, not financially, but socially. The reasonable thing to do is to renounce the grand plans laid out by men of reason and to face the storms the future is sure to send our way with roots that run deep."