A scandal recently engulfed Wheaton College over the suspension of an African American professor who "stood in solidarity with Muslims." This women, Larycia Hawkins, posted on social media that Muslims and Christians worship the same god and began wearing a hijab headscarf around campus.

There was immediate outrage from the predictable Cultural Marxist Christians after the school took action against her, and the internet church erupted in discussions about whether Wheaton had acted appropriately. The discussion, however, has been largely one sided. The Christian left angrily denounced Wheaton's leadership as "intolerant," "sexist," and, of course, "racist" and "Islamophobic." These denunciations were strong and clear. Sojourner's exemplified this line of attack:
"Hawkins' act of solidarity with scapegoated people of Islamic faith — wearing a hijab on campus — and her Facebook statement that Christians and Muslims worship the same God struck a nerve within Wheaton College’s white, politically conservative administration. Ultimately, the public act of solidarity challenged the assumption of white, male, Christian supremacy — the assumption that whites, men, and Christians are more human than anyone else."
The Christian right, however, responded with only soft spoken defenses saturated with fear and cowardice. Wheaton lost the battle for public opinion because they had no defenders brave enough to make powerful unabashed arguments in the school's favor.

This reveals the general lack of manliness within "conservative" America and its organizations. Conservative thought leaders are so ashamed of their anti-liberal impulses that they apologize for them in every document they author and interview they give. These "cuckservatives" betray their own people by allowing the Overton window of acceptable opinion to shift in the direction of loud, confident, zealous, and absurd social justice warriors fighting for the latest manifestation of the civil rights movement.

From an identitarian perspective, the case against Hawkins is clear. Her crime was that she attempted to tear down the uniqueness of Christianity by erasing the dividing line separating it from Islam. By physically and verbally acting like a Muslim, she impressed upon Wheaten students that Christianity and Islam are not mutually exclusive worldviews and religions. According to Hawkins, is it morally permissible to follow the tenets of Islam.

This is obviously unacceptable at a school which expressly identifies as Christian. If the faculty must be Christian, it is a clear breach to self-identify as Muslim and distort the image of the school.

But Hawkins behavior cannot be interpreted outside of the broader social context from which she acted. Standing in "solidarity with Muslims" represents activism meant to blur religious identity and unite all religions into a syncretist "faith" that encourages multicultural globalism. The end goal of this behavior, even if Hawkins does not understand it, is to erase unique Christian identity and create a secular Tower of Babel uniting humanity. Breaking down the differences between religious, ethnic, and gender identities is crucial to the liberal project. The new secular world order cannot tolerate Christianity as an exclusive religious identity claiming it alone grants salvation. The god of Equality demands all religions be viewed as equally meaningful.

Identitarian Christians should work to preserve the "us" verses "other" dichotomy because God embraced it in the Bible, and because it is necessary to convince the religious "other" that they must come to Christ to receive salvation. As Jesus said: "No man comes to the father but by me."

Larycia Hawkins and Wheaton College have "parted ways," but Hawkins won the advantage by making herself famous and projecting an image of self-righteous solidarity. She will quickly find another job. Being an African American female guarantees every affirmative action hiring advantage is operating in her favor. Meanwhile, Wheaton's predominantly Euroethnic male leadership will be despised as "bigots" for protecting Christian identity.