Identitarian Christianity is NOT the Christian Identity movement, nor is it ideologically connected to it. In recent months, Identitarian Christianity has been consistently linked to the Christian Identity movement. This mistake is made because of etymological similarities and apathetic disinterest in researching the truth.

Christian Identity posits that North West Europeans are descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel and represent the real heirs of God's Old Testament promises. This idea is used to justify giving North West Europeans a spiritual privilege above other ethnic groups. Arguably, these are Christian Identity's central claims. [1]

Identitarian Christianity neither affirms nor denies the tenants of Christian Identity because it has no relationship to that movement whatsoever.

Personally, I (Christian Talour) do not believe North West Europeans to be descendants of ancient Israelites because research on genetic admixture suggests this claim is unlikely. I have never, however, seriously researched this question because I know almost nothing about Christian Identity’s doctrines and have never considered it to be related to Identitarian Christianity. Until about a year ago I did not know Christian Identity existed, and, after learning of it, assumed it was a dead ideology endorsed by few living people.

Again, Identitarian Christianity is not connected to the Christian Identity movement.


[1] "Christian Identity Ministries - More About Us." An Outreach of the North Queensland Fellowship of God's Covenant People and a Member of the Congregations of Israel. 2015. Accessed 5/20/2016.