Gregory Hood published an essay at Radix Journal about the development of post-Trump conservatism into a paper worshiping cult devoted to a quasi-sacred Constitution.
" the Christian Right staggers from defeat to defeat, Christian religiosity is falling back on the Constitution and symbols of Americana as the objects of devotion. What’s more, the apocalyptic rhetoric and quasi-religious anger whipped up over political betrayals will only increase as the national situation grows more dire.
Cruz style conservatism appeared increasingly cult-like towards the end of the primary; assuming a Trump defeat in the general election, it’s only going to get more bizarre in the years ahead as the prospects for even nominal conservative victories dwindle. The literal worship of the Constitution as a sacred text is likely to increase as White conservatives struggle to cope with a dispossession they are unable to understand in racial terms. Rather than a political movement, conservatism will end as a Gnostic sect, with an ever-dwindling circle of believers convincing themselves of their own purity and bemoaning the corruption of the fallen world which surrounds them."