The Alt-Right
Christianity represents alternative. It provides an alternative to the greed based economic obsession of the Reagan-Thatcherite 'National Review' consensus of "mainstream conservatism." It provides an alternative to the secular globalism and moral degeneracy left unchecked by pro-business Republicans. It provides an alternative to the suicidal hatred of one's own people necessary to advocate the displacement and destruction of friends and family through Third World immigration invasion, cultural erasure, and affirmative action.

A major element of the Alternative Right is the quest for identity. The Alt-Right opposes fad identity and consumer identity while supporting organic identity created naturally and sustained inter-generationally. [1] Christianity can assist in this objective.

Secularism's drive towards moral chaos has led to the destruction of organic identity following the spread of hedonism, atheism, and degeneracy masquerading itself as new forms of identity. The Alt-Right criticizes many aspects of this destruction: racism against white people, homosexual "marriage," feminist confusion, unwarranted egalitarianism, spiritual/moral decay, and unhealthy levels of rebellion against hierarchy.

Christianity anchors Alt-Right criticism in spiritual truth. By creating nature and forming man into sexual, ethnic, and talent related identities, God laid the foundation for human organization. The recent overthrow of these identity markers represents rebellion against God.

There are some forms of the Alt-Right with which Christianity is not compatible. The neo-pagan elements, for example, represent an unfortunate departure from established Euroethnic identity that cannot be reconciled with our religious identity in Christ. [2] There are some extreme fringe elements of the movement that endorse ethnic hatred incompatible with Christian charity.

The majority of the Alt-Right, however, is preaching Christian ethics to a dying civilization choked with degeneracy. Christians should embrace the Alt-Right opportunity to inspire a renaissance in virtuous living.


[1] Examples of consumer and fad identity include sports fandom, fashion subcultures, and superhero associations. In other words, meaningless ways of defining oneself.

[2] Modern Christian thought leaders, institutions, preachers, and hierarchies have shamefully betrayed their duty to protect those of European descent from the ravages of anti-white racism, mass immigration, civil rights legislation, ethnic and cultural pluralism, and other acts of hostility complicit in the erasure of Western man. Many church bodies, like the Episcopal church, have rejected Christian teaching about gender and sexual identity. It is not difficult to understand why a return to paganism is appealing when facing such shameful behavior by Christian individuals and organizations.