After talking to hundreds of my church friends and college acquaintances over the course of the last few years I have come to believe there is a serious need among the identitarian /race realist /Alternative Right to bypass traditional racial language when spreading our message. The Cultural Marxist multicultural crowd has done such an extensive job of associating the terms "white," "black," and "race" with their own interpretations that even mentioning those terms conjures up images of slavery, Jim Crow, and the imaginary sin of racism in the average person's mind. We as identitarians often spend the majority of our time negatively deconstructing these Leftist associations rather than spreading our message in an attractive positive way.

While a great deal more effort must be invested into shifting our language, and learning to control public and private dialogue, I would suggest two changes I believe could help detoxify our message for the average (largely brainwashed) listener.

The first change is to the word "race." When the average person hears "race" they immediately begin thinking about racism. Their entire mental image of the word is related to racism and white guilt. The term itself is probably a cause of immediate stress to most people, as The Atlantic claims: "Merely the anticipation of racism, and not necessarily the act, is enough to trigger a stress response." As much as possible, we need to avoid associating our cause with stress.

One way of helping with this is to replace "race" with the word "ethnicity." Although the terms are not perfect synonyms they are close enough to be used as such in most cases. The benefit of using "ethnicity" rather than "race" is that the closest social sin associated with ethnicity is "ethnocentrism" which is not nearly so awful as racism. Ethnicity even has some positive connections with terms like ethnic food.

The second change is to the terms "black" and "white." Talking about "blacks" sounds abrasive to many people in our politically correct world in which "African-American" is a common denotation. In the same way, "white" is used only as a negative descriptor in our society: white supremacist, white guilt, white racism, white privilege, white nationalism, etc. No one uses the word in a positive way. For this reason, identitiarians should consider saying "European," "those of European descent," "westerner," or "Euroethnic." The average American sees innumerable positive images when they hear of Europe or European. They think of travel, food, history, architecture, and European beauty products advertised on infomercials.

Making cosmetic changes to the message might seem like a compromise, and it has the possibility of making our message less blunt and simple, but it is a small price to pay to ensure the core of our ideas get a fair hearing. In addition, it allows for greater willingness among some to share our writings on social media.


I (Christian Talour) will be flying to China in three days to teach English and covertly spread Christianity through local house church mission work. I will be in Asia for ten months and will not be able to update this website (China and Google/Blogger do not get along). I wish all the readers a successful and God filled year.