In a few months I will be moving to China for a year to teach English at a university and covertly spread Christianity to the Chinese people. For the last few days I have been sitting through orientation learning about Chinese culture, ways to spiritually influence students, and how to avoid being arrested and deported from the country. Being a racial realist there are a number of things that have stood out to me during training.

I. All the missionaries are Euroethnic.

The organization doing my paperwork (which must remain anonymous) has placed more than 700 Christian American students in China. Of those 700, only one of them has been black; despite African Americans constituting a major demographic slice of their core recruiting region.

This statistic is consistent with past missionary efforts. Traditionally, the ranks of Christian missionaries have drawn almost entirely from the Caucasian populations of the world.

II. The Chinese hold whites in high regard.

Of the many testimonies I've heard from former Chinese missionaries one fact they all comment on is how the Chinese people practically worship white people. My friends, who have traveled in that country, say whites are treated like celebrities. Sometimes whites are mobbed and even asked to bless babies. Many of the orientation presenters I've encountered this week have pointed to blondes in the audience as examples of those who will be adored by the local population.

Today, the director of the program informed us that if a Chinese person cuts a line we should instruct them to move to the back because they will listen to a white person even if they ignore their fellow ethnics. We were also told Chinese students will regard our apartments as semi-sacred (or, at least, extremely awesome) because an American dwells within.

Of course, the respect the Chinese pay towards white people, especially blondes, is met with extreme discomfort by indoctrinated white Christians taught to despise their own race. All kinds of excuses and posturing occur when commenting on the phenomenon of white adoration. At the same time, however, the celebrity status whites possess in China is regarded by missionaries as among their chief assets when spreading the gospel.

It seems the Chinese people have a more accurate accounting of white people's worth than our own self-loathing societies.

III. Missionaries refuse to acknowledge racial differences.

Whenever the missionaries at our orientation mention Chinese reactions to white people they inevitably refer to whites by the term 'foreigners' when they're clearly referring to racial differences. For example, one man said he went to a village where the population was mesmerized because they had never seen a foreigner. Of course, he really meant white person. On another occasion, he remarked that the Chinese dislike black people.

An African American girl in my social circle once visited China and returned disgusted because they treated her horribly. While they flocked to take pictures with the traveling white students, they ignored and avoided her. She was already a saucy obnoxious social justice warrior, but upon her return she was extremely angry and converted her energies to black women self esteem activism and passionate whining.

IV. The genetic uniqueness of the Chinese people is completely ignored.

No matter how different Chinese culture or social organization is than that of white nations, none of this divergence is ever attributed to anything beyond culture, and the idea of a genetic origin for these differences is simply unthinkable. Instead of addressing the obvious biological differences, and using this knowledge for the advantage of those trying to spread the Christian religion, they are almost always "swept under the rug;" reality is ignored.

Christians should at least respect God enough to acknowledge the reality of race and genetic differences when trying to carry out His will and spread the gospel. Does it make the job of expanding God's kingdom easier when we handicap ourselves by living in a multicultural fairy tale? Acknowledging racial differences could give missionaries an advantage in the battle for human souls.

Would God have us to jeopardize our spiritual mission to pretend that race isn't real and everyone is the same? It's time Christians adjust our priorities.


  1. "It seems that Chinese people have a more accurate accounting of White people's worth then their own self-loathing societies."

    Is it not written: "No prophet is accepted in his own country" In White societies, so many things are obliviously just taken for granted.

    Meanwhile in Mexico:


    "De Anda wrote up her feelings on her popular blog, Crisis of the 30s, saying the incident was part of a far larger phenomenon of marginalization of a majority of the population.

    “I’ve been swallowing Mexican advertising for 30 years of my life, 11,000 days,” she wrote. Apart from government pronouncements and “folkloric” tourism campaigns, she said, it’s as if “dark-skinned people don’t exist.”

    According to a 2010 government survey on discrimination, only 13 percent of Mexicans considered themselves light-skinned or blonde while 64.6 percent said they were “dark.” The rest described themselves as anywhere from “cinnamon,” “swarthy,” “chocolate,” “brown,” “yellow,” “a little tanned” to “black.”

    Arriagada flipped through a copy of Clase, a magazine-style supplement to the El Universal newspaper that gives photo spreads to prominent families during their beach holidays, at weddings or celebrating social events.

    “Look,” he said of those portrayed in its pages, “it’s like Norway.”"


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