Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (the building's architect was an Irish American).
The shooting deaths of nine blacks at a historically African-American church in Charleston is a tragedy. The murders were committed by a white male and are being described as a "hate crime" by the mainstream media. Time will tell whether the slaughter was actually inspired by "hate" or if it was motivated by something entirely different.

If the crime was indeed the product of racial antagonism black Americans must ask themselves whether their own actions as a community haven’t inspired this violence against them.

It should come as no surprise after decades of blacks raping and murdering white people in millions of senseless crimes that a white man has finally chosen to strike back. In the preceding months, blacks have burned down Ferguson, Missouri, terrorized Baltimore, caused a billion dollars of property damage, and ceaselessly slandered white people and police officers. At the center of this organization of terror is the black church and its leaders who have called for protests and confrontation with white America. One white man may have decided it was time to take justice into his own hands and prove that whites would not passively take abuse from savage blacks intent on extracting endless concessions from whites.

Was the murderer right to walk into a church and open fire on random people? No, of course not. His actions cannot be condoned under Christian morality. But to blame this event on whites, or to suggest this man’s theoretical grievances were not, to some extent, justified by the disgusting crime spree emanating from black America is to ignore the grievous sins daily carried out by African Americans.

Blacks rape white women in astounding numbers. Black on white murder is exponentially higher than the reverse scenario. Blacks organize into riotous mobs and routinely loot and destroy white owned businesses. Blacks drain billions from the economy every year in welfare benefits and criminal damage. Make no mistake, it is not a lone gunman who is causing racial antagonism in America, it’s the millions of blacks around the country who have chosen to destroy white lives.

This latest event will only drive a bigger wedge between white and black America, but it was almost inevitable. A racially diverse country cannot exist without violence and rivalry. Blacks claim to be equal to whites, but in all measures of their ability and history they are not. They want social and political equality with the white man, but God has created an inequality between them in intelligence and temperament.

The longer white America pretends the races are interchangeables, and that one does not excel the other, the longer this violence will increase, the longer grievance will build up, and the longer blacks will be allowed to run loose to rape and murder whites. If, once in a while, a lone white male strikes back, well, that’s just what an America built on racial lies deserves.