St. Louis World's Fair (1904)
In 1904, the St. Louis World's Fair put an African pygmy named Ota Benga on display. The fair's visitors enjoyed viewing Ota among the other types of humans from all over the world.

Some, however, viewed the display as inhumane and called for Ota to be released back into the wild.

Today, the "human zoo" is regarded by liberals as among the most atrocious acts of racism in American history. This author has personally sat through a number of papers presented at college history conferences denouncing the incident as a product of outdated racist pseudo-science.

In 1904, however, the human zoo was defended by the 'New York Times.' Interestingly, the powerful paper dismissed those who wanted Ota released by claiming racial egalitarianism was an outdated concept:
"We do not quite understand all the emotion which others are expressing in the matter... It is absurd to make moan over the imagined humiliation and degradation [Ota] Benga is suffering. The pygmies... are very low in the human scale, and the suggestion that Benga should be in a school instead of a cage ignores the high probability that school would be a place... from which he could draw no advantage whatever. The idea that men are all much alike except as they have had or lacked opportunities for getting an education out of books is now far out of date."
Today, multiculturalists, featured prominently in the 'New York Times,' argue that all races are equal in intelligence and if blacks had access to better education they would achieve as well as whites.

Modern history is filled with groups labeling opposing views "outdated," but nothing is outdated if it has enough powerful spokespeople defending it.

This should come as good news for those who tell the truth. Racial realism was once considered common knowledge while racial egalitarianism was little more than a discredited myth. Today, the roles are reversed, but they could be turned around again.

In 1904, the 'New York Times' was right. The average pygmy possesses an IQ far below the mental retardation level. The chances of such an individual profiting from Western education is very low.

The 'New York Times' of 2015 would renounce its 1904 views, but the time is probably rapidly arriving when they themselves will be renounced.