Aging white Apartheid mercenaries stabilized Nigeria for recent elections.
Among my Facebook friends is a girl from Nigeria who runs a website about African girl pride. When the recent Nigerian elections took place, many were expecting her country to disintegrate into chaos. It did not. The elections turned out to be fairly peaceful and democratic.

My African friend was exuberant about this and declared the event a victory for Africa, and Nigeria in particular. Considering the recent well publicized problems Nigeria has suffered (#BringBackOurGirls) it was difficult for me to believe the elections went off as smoothly as reported.

Apparently, they did, but not for reasons the media would like to admit to. Turns out, the country was being temporarily stabilized by a coalition of white mercenaries who had been hired to turn the tide against Boko Harem and other militant groups while the elections were taking place. As the Guardian reported:
"A wealth of media reports, witness accounts and photos on social media suggest that [Lotz] is not the only white mercenary who helped turn the tide against the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in recent weeks, allowing Nigeria to hold a relatively peaceful election. Whether as technical advisers or frontline combatants, some are said to have come from the former Soviet Union but about 300 are reportedly from South Africa and nearing retirement age."
Whats worse then blacks relying on whites to fix their problems? Blacks relying on racist whites to fix their problems. The 'Guardian' was (predictably) concerned about the possibility these mercenaries harbored racial biases:
"One source, who did not wish to be named, said: 'Are the guys in Nigeria likely to be racist? Yes, they came from the apartheid era and no one has pressed the delete key. But they are very professional guys who get the job done.'"
Most of the racist South African mercenaries are in their late 50s and 60s (beyond the life expectancy in Nigeria), and yet, they still have more guts and intelligence to overcome rogue terrorists than the Nigerian government's finest.

This latest development is just one more confirmation that whenever anything beneficial or stabilizing happens in Africa one needs only look behind the curtain to discover white people engineering it.

Recently, after a relentless social media campaign pushing the Nigerian government to reclaim the hundreds of kidnapped girls taken by the Islamic militant group Boko Harem, nothing happened. For months the Nigerian military was utterly impotent against a gang of desert thugs running around the country side like Tom Sawyer and his outlaws. However, mere weeks after hiring a group of old white dads (and granddads)  the poor whimpering kidnapped girls have been returned to their parents.

The whole scenario underscores a broader reality. Social justice campaigns do nothing for the Third World. The leftists who fight for "equal rights" are, in fact, damaging the people who live in the slums of non-white countries. The best thing that ever happened to these people was foreign domination by white "racists" who helped them advance spiritually, intellectually, and technologically.

Africa was a disgusting dump of tribal madness until Caucasians arrived.

Bloggers can whine and cry about minority conditions in Third World hovels, but when something actually needs to get done they have to call in the "racists" to fix it. Old white bigoted mercenaries did more for Nigeria's lost girls than all of the social justice warriors in America and Europe combined, and yet they are universally reviled for their bias towards whites (their own people) while the lazy leftists are regarded as morally superior. We live in a twisted world.

Worse yet is that the mercenaries have been forced to take undesirable war jobs in their old age because the fall of white minority rule in South Africa converted the region into another African hell hole of AIDS, unemployment, and murder. These poor white guys have to fight in senseless black wars just to put food on the table. Compare their dedication to the worthless African-American fathers here in America (or Africa).

Worst of all, many of them are going to be prosecuted by the dysfunctional South African government upon returning home.

Multicultural Christians here in America might decry Apartheid South Africa, regard the murdering terrorist Nelson Mandela a modern saint, and insist black Africa can one day become the center of Christendom, but they live in a delusional fantasy land. In the world as God actually created it, it takes men with a brain and sense of racial reality to get the job done.

Someone needs to thank these "racist" mercenaries for saving Nigeria's black children.