Why are black protesters in Baltimore attacking innocent people and businesses? They want greater equality. They believe blacks haven't experienced the same level of success as Whites in America. Are they justified in thinking this? Yes.

By every measure of the human welfare index African Americans are far behind their white peers. Whether considering school performance, crime rates, overall wealth, representation in authority positions, dysfunctional families, life expectancy, or the rate of those who know how to swim blacks have it worse than Euro-Americans.

Blacks are justifiably angry. Their society promised equality, but in 2015 they find themselves a permanent criminal underclass. They've begun rioting in order to seize equality by stealing from other races (they won't loot "black owned businesses"). They want to drag everyone down to their level by burning assets and turning their urban landscape into a shared ghetto.

African Americans and their "allies" have the moral high ground in this situation. They possess it because most of America's population has been brainwashed to regard equality as the highest moral good. For the last two decades students have been taught in every history class around the country that whoever fights for equality is a historical hero. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and the feminists are heroes of the human story.

Can the police defeat the protesters? Probably not. Though they're the only thing standing between total anarchy and civilization, the police are inevitably the antagonists because they're the defenders of oppression, and oppression is always evil according to the ruling liberal moral paradigm.

Glorifying equality as a universal good has produced dangerous consequences for America.

America may have once been the god who could deliver on even the most outrageous promises (the creation of complete equality), but Americans are now witnessing the failure of their god. It turns out even mighty America could not erase racial differences. Even the "propositional nation" couldn't ignore the work of another God: the One who made blacks and whites unequal; the One who created genetic differences in intelligence and capability.

America has two options: it can devolve to the level of it's lowest common denominator, or it can abandon equality.

The only way America can still deliver on it's promise of equality is to drag everyone down to the current African American level. If everyone is equally poor and unintelligent than everyone is equal. Equality can be created by turning the country into a Third World slum. However, even this option is unlikely to succeed because some whites and Asians are intelligent enough to play the system and escape the consequences. The pursuit of equality will become a perpetual revolution involving constant witch hunts for anyone who's unequal (i.e. people who use their God given talents to better themselves beyond the level of African squalor).

The second option American has is to abandon equality as a moral imperative, and to admit that the pursuit of physical and intellectual equality between the races is absurd and impossible. By doing this, Americans can free themselves from investing crippling levels of wealth and time into a doomed project.

America gave it's best. It spent trillions of dollars on black schools, pumped trillions more into welfare programs, and instituted an absurd number of public and private programs designed to lift blacks out of poverty. It all failed... miserably. America needs to accept it's mistakes and move on. That's how life works. That's how people and nations grow.

The chances of this happening, America learning, are probably not very good. At this point, whites (the true American nation) have largely lost control of their country. The youngest generation is already majority non-white and national politicians pander to brown voting blocs to attain political power.

The lesson will not be learned by the American government, but by the millions of whites who still live in America. We must awaken and realize that equality is not going to happen, and that our decisions about who to hire, who to marry, who to include in our institutions (churches, for example) must not be influenced by the failed idea that "everyone is equal," but on hard reality. In the long run, racial and ethnic strife will tear America apart. It's already begun.

Organic communities based upon religion and ethnicity will be the building blocks of a new society and civilization. The future doesn't belong to equality. Invest in something real.