Christian Equality
Among the primary problems with Christians who embrace the idea of total racial integration is that they can't understand the validity of hierarchy.

The fact that people are organized into different socio-political positions is incomprehensible to these social justice Christians. To them, equality of value before God is equated with an equal distribution of political and economic power.

If blacks are not allowed to vote, this is regarded as an attack upon their humanity. If blacks are not integrated with whites, then whites must regard blacks as being of lower value.

This warped perspective, however, is a gross degradation of the Christian message. If one can only achieve equality in Christ by having the same economic and political leverage as everyone else in the world than Christian equality under God is a profane material goal.

Furthermore, there's no reason to believe God wants Christians to pursue this kind of worldly equality. Throughout the New Testament, Christians were told to respect and maintain the political and economic status quo. Women were told to be subject to their husbands, slaves were ordered to obey their masters, and congregations were instructed to submit to the authority of apostles, elders, and councils.

Nowhere were Christians encouraged to fight for the rights of political representation or defy the patriarchal tyranny of a male dominated system.

The Biblical definition of dignity is not the modern Marxist version of it based on economic and political equality. A Christian's value as a human being is not measured by one's social class or bank account. Social equality is not important to the Christian message.

As demonstrated by recent history, fighting over material equality tears people apart. Women are torn from men as men are slandered for being "oppressors." Blacks are torn from whites because whites are insulted as "racists." The poor are torn from the rich because the rich are regarded as capitalist "thieves."

While the fight for ever greater physical equality is framed as a moral crusade, most of the arguments used to justify it are absurd.

White Americans are told that if we deny blacks the right to vote we're are being "hateful" towards blacks. However, since when has one had to give someone the vote in order to love them? Is American society hateful towards people under the age of 18? Do Americans hate all foreigners? Did the founding fathers hate their own wives and daughters? Did every monarch throughout history hate his subjects?

The social justice warriors equate love with political power. In their minds, one can't love another person without granting them official authority. For this reason, the biblical hierarchy of the family unit (with men as head) is an abomination to modern equality warriors.

It's only a matter of time before the Church is regarded as a democracy, and the commands of Jesus are viewed as little more than Christ's personal vote. After all, the Jesus of the New Testament is just another oppressive hateful monarch.

Christ spent little time discussing politics. When he did address it, he told his disciples to default to the ruling order. He instructed them to pay their taxes and even to obey the instructions of the corrupt Pharisees who eventually played a part in his murder

Whether the racial egalitarians like it or not, God created a natural human hierarchy. Whites have ruled for a millennia. For many millennia blacks have been subject to domination and served as the world's slaves. This order is unlikely to change considering the genetic realities of intelligence distribution.

The social class distinction between blacks and whites can't be eliminated because it's grounded in God's biological reality. Never in history have blacks become an aristocratic class outside their own dark and savage continent. If they continue in contact with the more intelligent races of the world their current plight will continue indefinitely.

Christians must learn to accept God's hierarchy. Whites are the aristocrats. Whether we wish for this to be the case or not, we must rise to our God given destiny and cease shirking our task as humanity's managers.

This doesn't imply whites should lord our authority over the nations. Christ is a king, but he's also a servant. Whites fear being viewed as morally guilty for seizing power, but we rarely consider the consequences of neglecting the authority which is already ours.

Whites lead the contemporary world in every facet of existence. Whether it's German automobile innovation, or liberal American clergy advocating homosexual marriage, whites drive the world's agenda. We can either accept this fact and rule as God's servants or we can deny it, bury our talents, and let the world suffer from lack of leadership.

White Christians especially are standing by idly allowing the militant social revolutionaries of the cultural Marxist movement hijack Christian thinking and pervert the gospel message. Only by abandoning the worldly concept of economic and political equality will we begin to recover our role as standard bearers for the Christian message.