The Paris Shootings & the Vindication of PEGIDA

Islam & Violence
The media assures us that Islam is a religion of peace and that those who commit violent terrorist acts in the name of religion don't represent the Arabic faith.

But the history of Islam indicates the exact opposite. Those who commit acts of violence are the true representatives of the Koranic religion and it's prophet.

In the seventh century the religion of Islam was founded by a man named Mohammed who claimed to receive divine inspiration from Allah. For the remainder of his life he roamed Arabia killing, conquering, and subduing his way to power and wealth.

In one particularly dreadful incident Mohammed laid siege to the town of Banu Qurayza (A.D. 627). When the city surrendered the 'prophet' ordered the extermination of the entire male population of the city. He beheaded all 600 to 900 of them.

After another battle, Mohammed ordered his men to rape the wives of the defeated men in front of them. Even Mohammed's own men protested this, but the 'prophet' received a revelation from Allah telling them they must go through with it.

Mohammed was a filthy pervert who 'married' a 9 year old girl at the age of 53. This act was considered so scandalous to his own people that the 'prophet' was (once again) forced to receive a special revelation from Allah to justify his actions.

From it's very inception, Islam was a violent, greedy, and sick religion created by a psychopathic desert dweller bent on dominating those around him.

In the ensuing centuries Mohammed's faithful disciples conquered 75% of the Christian world by the edge of the sword.

The terrorist cartoon shooters represent the true form of Islam. The form handed down from the founder of the religion. Those Muslims who claim to be moderate and culturally liberal have bastardized their faith into something Mohammed would not have recognized.

Despite multicultural assurances that Islam is no more violent than Christianity, month by month the opposite is proven true. Whether it's the Islamic State beheading Christians in the Middle East, an Iranian immigrant shooting up Australia, or two al-Qaida brothers executing cartoonists Islam is the center of a fresh violent scandal every time one turns on the news.

This reality vindicates the 18,000 anti-Islam PEGIDA protesters who routinely gather in Dresden. While the increasingly discredited multicultural elite (who engineered the immigration disaster) slander the populist anti-immigrant protesters as hateful neo-Nazis the protesters have once again been proven right, and the multinational globalists humiliated.

The rise of anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe is the natural result of reality. The integration of millions of low IQ foreigners who practice a savage religion into mainstream European society was always impossible. Multiculturalism cannot be accomplished. It is, by it's very nature, an absurd goal.

The only question which remains is how much longer political power will remain with those who retain delusional ideas?