Martin Luther King Jr.
In the past I've written about Martin Luther King's degenerate lifestyle and horrible ideology.

Once again, the MLK holiday is being celebrated across the country as some kind of moment of reflection about the meaning of America. People are being asked whether their lives compliment King's legacy. A Huffington Post writer suggested 7 easy ways to be sure you're a "Martin Luther King kind of Christian." He wrote:
"still today, we need the kind of faith professed and lived out by Martin Luther King Jr. if we are going to create a more just and loving society. So, if you would like to be sure your faith is part of the Christian legacy embodied by Martin Luther King Jr., here are seven questions to consider."
However, no true Christian should seek to imitate the legacy of MLK. As I wrote in the article linked above, King denied every tenet of the Christian faith including the virgin birth, the second coming, and the resurrection of Christ.

Martin King was a sexual degenerate who participated in obscene adulterous orgies recorded by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. On the day of his assassination, MLK had just slept with one of his mistresses before walking outside and being gunned down.

The Apostle Paul would have given MLK up to Satan.

Political commentator Samuel Francis argued that the creation of the MLK holiday represented a sort of deification of MLK as the god of white displacement and the repudiation of traditional American values in favor of a radical anti-white agenda:
"The true meaning of the holiday is that it serves to legitimize the radical social and political agenda that King himself favored and to delegitimize traditional American social and cultural institutions... all institutions and values that fail to reflect the dominance of equality - racial, cultural, national, economic, political, and social - must be overcome and discarded. By placing King - and therefore his own radical ideology of social transformation and reconstruction - into the central pantheon of American history, the King holiday provides a green light by which the revolutionary process of transformation and reconstruction can charge full speed ahead."
MLK serves as a kind of symbolic new leader who's replaced the old white Christian founding fathers with a brown communist figure. The MLK holiday means the end of white civilization.

King's degenerate sexual life is the new normal for twenty-first century America. King's socialist message is the new standard for political speech. King's focus on social justice rather than personal piety has become the religious expectation.

Personal ethics have become irrelevant as long as one is pursuing a just cause. This is the lesson Americans are learning from the deification of MLK. One's allegiance to the cultural Marxist agenda will wipe away all sins.

The famous "content of one's character" has become equivalent to how much one supports MLKesque causes like white displacement, guaranteed annual income (yes, King supported that), and radical egalitarianism.

Personal morality, as advocated in the Bible, is a thing of the past, and it certainly doesn't determine one's personal righteousness. Leftist Christians assure us that grace (accessed through the "moral arch of history") will cover a multitude of sin.