My Friend's College Ministry
The Christians most likely to preach multiracial church integration are often those who belong to overwhelmingly white churches. This is certainly true in my own city.

One of the churches I used to attend places great importance on the social justice gospel. They're often the ones tweeting #BlackLivesMatter or fighting "institutional racism" when they're not battling the oppressive male patriarchy. Many of these people are aware of my racialist views and routinely denounce me for them. Some of them have written entire Facebook posts about me and encouraged a sort of community character assassination in the comments section.

But, while these Christian social justice warriors are the most likely to squawk about perceived "racism" they're also the least likely to actually live up to their own standards.

This was made painfully obvious when one of my friends (she's not an SJW) posted a picture of her college ministry (above). Out of the 43 people in the group only three were black, and there were no Hispanics or Asians.

Keep in mind that the city in which we dwell is 60% black, and the inner city is a mere seven minute drive from the church's location.

This same diversity-less reality is true of every other church in the city. All of them preach the necessity of racial integration from the pulpit, but none of them are even remotely multiracial. Of the two churches I now attend, one of them has no black members and the other has perhaps two or three scattered amongst a crowd of several hundred (they're usually non-regulars or living off the church's food pantry).

There's nothing wrong with my friend's college ministry. It's operating by the laws of nature. "Birds of a feather flock together," and people feel most comfortable around those who are similar to themselves. Racially homogeneous churches thrive and form closer nit communities than racially diverse ones. Besides, it's unnecessarily dangerous to incorporate a criminal underclass into one's spiritual community.

The fact is, the vast majority of Christian churches around the country are not integrated. This makes sense because of the cultural and intelligence differences which divide white churches from black ones. Typically, whites don't want to worship in wild ecstatic forms and they don't follow the preacher as though he was a cult leader.

Cultural Marxist Christians know deep inside that they don't feel comfortable in an inner city church; and that's fine. But for church members who fight the "Jesus battle" by denouncing segregation, tearing down the mythical force of white privilege, and condemning any white person with a racial consciousness, the lack of diversity in their own Christian fellowship is certainly a disgraceful embarrassment.

"For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (Matthew 7:2)