Martin Luther on Islam
On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "Islam belongs to Germany," and that she would attend a Muslim rally in Berlin with the rest of her cabinet.

But history makes a mockery of Merkel's claim. If Islam belonged to Germany why have innumerable Germans throughout the ages given their lives defending their country from Islam?

What was the purpose of the Crusades if not to beat back Muslim invasion into Europe? What was the meaning of the German armies repelling the Turks from Vienna? If Islam belonged to Germany why was it abhorred in that country for one and half thousand years?

Five centuries ago, the famous German monk Martin Luther claimed the holy book of Islam, the Koran, hadn't even been translated into German. He then claimed the Koran was a "foul and shameful book." Luther acknowledged the extreme violence inherent in Islam when he wrote that the Koran contains "much glorification of the sword in it:"
"the Turk’s Koran, or creed, teaches him to destroy not only the Christian faith, but also the whole temporal government. His Mohammed, as has been said, commands that ruling is to be done by the sword, and in his Koran the sword is the commonest and noblest work. Thus the Turk [Muslim] is, in truth, nothing but a murderer or highwayman, as his deeds show before men’s eyes."
Martin Luther, insightful as he was, anticipated the rise of Islamic extremism when he described the consequences of embracing the Islamic faith:
"All fanatics, as a rule, when the spirit of lies has taken possession of them and led them away from the true faith, have been unable to stop there, but have followed the lie with murder and taken up the sword, as a sign that they were children of the father of all lies and murder..."
 Luther expanded:
"Since, then, Mohammed’s Koran is such a great spirit of lies that it leaves almost nothing of Christian truth remaining, how could it have any other result than that it should become a great and mighty murderer, with both lies and murders under the show of truth and righteousness."
Islam doesn't belong to Germany. It's never belonged to Germany. No matter what delusional multiculturalist claim, reality is still reality. Islam isn't a religion of peace. It can't live side by side with white Christian civilization.

Five hundred years ago, the German people didn't even know the basic premises of the Islamic faith. They didn't know it's history, they didn't know anyone who practiced Mohammadism, and they'd never read nor even seen a Koran. The people of Germany knew only that Islam threatened their civilization, safety, and faith.

They were correct on all counts.

Today, the Germans have access to unlimited information about Islam, but they've failed to learn the most fundamental lesson about it: it's diametrically opposed to the Western world.