#evangelicals4justice is a group of twitter Christians who claim they want justice for black youth "oppressed" by white police officers. This loose coalition hopes to blame whites for the failure of African Americans to integrate into civilized society.

These evangelicals often cite biblical passages to argue that white Americans are racist oppressors of poor blacks. One such tweet, from Kristin Rockewell, reads: "'Learn to do right! Seek justice, relieve the oppressed and correct the oppressor.' - Isaiah 1:17 #evangelicals4justice #Ferguson" Another tweet, by a man named Anderson Campbell: "God is on the side of the oppressed, always."

Should Christians be listening to these voices? No.

The ancient poor of which Isaiah and Jesus spoke were not the rioting thugs Americans are used to seeing in the urban ghetto. The ancient poor didn't receive trillions of dollars in taxpayer money to live the high life eating food stamp steaks and enjoying "Obama phones." These ancient oppressed didn't receive affirmative action hiring preferences. They weren't too lazy to work.

The black "oppressed" of modern America are more obese than the supposedly "oppressor" whites. African Americans are far from starving victims.

#evangelicals4justice is just another example of left wing cultural Marxist Christians attempting to undermine white civilization.

No matter what whites do to make amends for alleged past crimes, they'll continue to be accused of racism. Black failure must be blamed upon whites because the alternative, black incompetence, is regarded as an unacceptable conclusion by liberals.

Whites have become scapegoats for the failure of egalitarian utopian racial dreams; and like any scapegoating, factual reality is of little importance.

Christians must stand up to #evangelicals4justice and assert that Christianity is not about defending thuggery. Christians are supposed to correct sinful behavior, not justify and encourage it. Can anyone imagine Jesus or the apostles defending Michael Brown after he tried to murder a police officer while high on pot?

God might very well be on the side of the oppressed. However, the "oppressed" in this situation aren't really oppressed at all.

In Ferguson, the oppressed is the white police officer Darren Wilson whose professional life was destroyed by lies and slander. In Ferguson, the oppressed were the business owners who livelihoods were eviscerated by black thugs.

In America, whites are oppressed by blacks daily. They're subjugated to debilitating black crime rates, affirmative action discrimination, and slanderous accusations of racism.

God would not approve of the dishonest nonsense of #evangelicals4justice.

Christians Shouldn't Support Thuggery