Anti-Police Protests & the Coming Multicultural Implosion

Anti-Police Protests in NYC
CNN reported tonight that protestors in New York were defying their own liberal mayor De Blasio to continue nasty protests against 'racist' police officers.

This latest gathering of left wing 'equality' fighters is occurring days after a Black man affiliated with the Garner / Brown / Trayvon anti-White cop movement ruthlessly gunned down two police officers sitting in their car. As the gunman said: 'I'm putting wings on pigs today. They took 1 of ours and we take 2 of theirs.' The one the police 'took' was Eric Garner, a petty Black criminal who died of heart problems after resisting arrest. The two 'we' took were the cops ruthlessly murdered in cold blood.

But the protestors don't care about the lives of the White people or the cops they want to 'bring to justice' (ironically, neither of the dead cops is a non-latino White).

The entire protest movement has become an embarrassment for the established equality fighters pushing cultural Marxist multiracialism in America. The longer it goes on the more the average White American looks on in disgust at minority 'civil rights.'

Tonight, the protestors are attempting to shut down Fifth Avenue and disrupt the civil rights of thousands of commuters who have nothing to do with the deaths of criminal Blacks. While trying to accomplish this, they continue to chant obscene phrases like: 'NYPD, KKK how many kids did you kill today?' and 'How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D.' One of their banners read: 'Stop Racist Police Terror.'

Police are being drawn away from patrolling crime ridden slums populated by Blacks in order to escort mobs of spoiled diversity majors who supported the looting and burning of Ferguson, Missouri. While they escort them they are being subjected to endless vitriol and hate. Does anyone believe that America's cops aren't internalizing, at least subconsciously, the impression that minorities are whiners who hate them and have no concept of justice?

This author personally knows a sheriff deputy who a year ago supported multiracialism and decried my 'racist' beliefs about Blacks and diversity. A week ago he told me that he was coming close to accepting everything I had been preaching for years. This turnaround was the result of what he'd seen in Ferguson and the preferential treatment Blacks were receiving in his department by his Black boss.

Far from popularizing greater rights and protections for Blacks, the protests and riots have caused a backlash that will not be quickly forgotten by American Whites. At the very least, it will instill in them the realization that race will never disappear. That racial problems will never heal.

After 60 years of  participating in a multiracial experiment the patience of White America is, no doubt, growing thin.

Far from advancing, Blacks might have actually gone backwards in material prosperity. Far from integrating, Blacks have created a permanent underclass criminal element in cities across the country which openly blames Whites for all it's problems.

The latest product of the anti-cop anti-White movement begun by the supporters of Trayvon Martin is the ruthless murder of two respectable cops who were simply doing their job. The shooter was a Black man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the son of a Black Muslim mother named Shakuwra Dabre who apparently recently immigrated to America.

The double murder, then, is a total disaster for the left wing multicultural establishment. It brings to bare the bitter result of immigration, multiracial integration, and religious diversity within a single horrible incident. It embodies the greatest fears of the White middle class - displacement by a violent third world horde which can not and will not integrate into American life.

Slowly but surely Americans are becoming fed up with 'diversity,' and the recent riots and protest across the country represent one more arrow impaling the giant troll of multiculturalism.

The establishment, which came of age in the 1960s, has pushed revolutionary change across American society. In America's colleges and universities these men and women preach the doctrine of Marxism to their students and expect them to go fourth and push a leftist agenda for the coming utopian dream of diverse egalitarian community.

But have they lost control? Have the students overstepped their mandate? Is it possible that they are beginning to push too far and too fast? Are they, in fact, turning the nation and the people away from their agenda and producing a powerful reactionary force not only fed up with the revolutionary status quo but also possessing the ammunition of 50 years of facts about the failure of racial and cultural integration?

At least the cultural revolutionaries of the 1960s could claim that what they were proposing had never been tried. Today, such a claim can not be made. Their dream has been tried, and it has been found wanting.

These recent protests and riots might be the beginning of the end for the 1960s utopian dream. A dream which was always impossible, fundamentally against God's design for human existence, and inevitably destined to implode upon itself.

[12/24/2014] The morning after I published the above post a story appeared on abcnews.com reporting a dramatic rise in pro-police sentiment across the country. This movement represents a conscious backlash against the anti-police protests I decried in my post.