Average Latino IQ
This week, Rod Dreher wrote an article for the American Conservative questioning how Latin America had been saturated with Catholicism and Christianity for 500 years and remained dysfunctional. He cited a National Catholic Reporter article:
"If any corner of the globe should bear the imprint of Catholic values, it's Latin America. Catholicism has enjoyed a spiritual monopoly in the region for more than 500 years, and today almost half the 1.1 billion Catholics alive are Latin Americans. Moreover, Latin Americans take religion seriously; surveys show that belief in God, spirits and demons, the afterlife, and final judgment is near-universal... After my recent jaunt in Honduras, I understand the question. In this tiny country of seven million, violence is so endemic that even the guards at the Pizza Hut across the street from our hotel carried automatic weapons."
Dreher goes on to outline the incredible violence inherent within Latin American society and the endemic corruption found there. He concludes:
"In light of such realities, I repeatedly put the question to my hosts: Why haven't five centuries of Catholicism left a more impressive social fingerprint?"
The Hondurans themselves said Christianity had always been superficial in Latin America, and that deep evangelization had never occurred:
"For most of the 500 years since the arrival of Columbus, Catholicism in Latin America often has been skin-deep. People were baptized into the faith, married and buried in it, but for a variety of reasons there was precious little else... To be sure, the church exercises considerable political clout. But that influence, many observers say, often masks a superficial Catholicism at the grass-roots."
Despite the author's avoidance of the racial issue, it could serve as a major explanatory tool in assessing his observations.

The Church in Latin America is dominated by a Caucasian clergy descended from the Spanish (or in the case of Pope Francis, Italian immigrants). [1] These descendants of the Christian Race have dominated the religious landscape of the continent and provided a façade of Christianity over the largely pagan descendants of the indigenous (Inca, Aztecs, Olmec, etc.).

The result is a society which looks thoroughly Christian, but the veneer is barely as deep as the Caucasian race's presence in the area.

Latin America is a violent and poor region because the racial groups that inhabit it are not genetically predisposed to the kind of high civilization that whites and East Asians naturally create; their IQs average at only 85 compared to white's 100 and Asian's 105.

Christianity hasn't reversed genetic inheritance. Amerindians are still Amerindians. They haven't become genetically capable of sustaining the white man's civilization simply because they've tentatively accepted the white man's religion.

Men like Dreher, and other egalitarian Christians, refuse to acknowledge the important racial component when dealing with questions of violence, poverty, and the Christian faith.

Rather than accept these uncomfortable aspects of human nature, these thinkers continue twisting human logic in ever more elaborate attempts to construct acceptable excuses for socio-political disaster in Latin America and other regions.


[1]There is about 28 Latin American Cardinals [LIST]. After scanning pictures of them this author concluded 26 out of 28 were obviously Caucasian (another 2 or 3 did not have available pictures).