Religion & the White Race

The White race is a product of religion.

Before the evolution of Christendom the people of Europe possessed no common identity or consciousness.

Before the coming of the Faith the tribes of Europe fought among themselves ruthlessly having no commonality or affection.

By the 1800s Napoleon could say with accuracy that 'Every European war is a civil war.'

The royal families of Europe became so closely related that by World War I the competing heads of state were almost all cousins.

The races of Europe accepted Christianity and formed the Christian Race. Thus was born the White race, the race of Christendom.

The culture of this race emerged from the history of God's people, they took up the banner of YHWE from a largely apostate Jewish people whose remaining faithful passed the torch to Europe.

How does this history relate to our modern situation?

The abandonment of the Christian religion is a disaster for the White race it created. No civilization can survive the removal of the foundational spirit and values upon which it was founded.

Christianity's 'death' has left the race it birthed with nothing to believe in. Spiritual orphans devoid of identity or purpose.

In the place of an eschatological religious hope has rushed in the utopian worldly hope of Marxist utopia.

In a race designed to believe in something, the death of Christianity has left a 'God sized hole,' and the god they now believe in is a godless materialism that masquerades itself as the inaugurator of a just egalitarian order.

The solution to the White race's problem is the revival of its core religious perception. Without this restoration, Marxism will continue its march to destroy White civilization. Desperately clinging to its garments will be the poor fools it intends to destroy...willing to believe in a malevolent god so long as they can have one.

If Christianity produced and nourishes the White race than how can Whites hope to escape it and survive? It is our soul. To discard Christianity is to lose our identity and origin.