Diversity is a Failed Experiment
Three lessons from the chaos of multi-racial Ferguson, Missouri:

1. Afroethnics only understand tribal justice.

The African American reaction to the Michael Brown shooting is bewildering to whites because the evidence clearly supports Officer Wilson's decision to open fire.

The problem is that European Americans assume blacks understand justice in the same way we do. This is a mistake. Those of African descent only understand tribal justice; retaliatory vengeance when one of their own is hurt by a member of the "other"

The only thing black Americans understand is that a member of the white tribe killed a member of the black tribe. In their minds, a member of the white tribe must either die or be made to suffer.

Because whites have declined to indict Wilson, the black tribe has taken to the streets burning and looting to extract retribution for Brown's blood. As one black protestor put it: "This is our kind of justice!"

2. The facts don't matter when it comes to race.

Whether it's trying to convince Euroethnics that Afroethnics are genetically less intelligent, or trying to convince African Americans that Officer Wilson was justified in using lethal force, racial issues defy logic. No one cares about the facts. Racial issues are pseudo-religious in character because God embedded the concept of race in the deepest recesses of our brains to create organic social organization. "Racism" isn't an intellectual position, it's a feeling deeply embedded in the human psyche.

3. Diversity is a failed experiment.

Since Amerindians attacked colonists, and the first black slaves stepped on American soil in the 1600s, racial diversity has cursed the inhabitants of North America. Four hundred years have not reduced the God created "problem" of ethnocentrism.

Untold billions of dollars are spent every year on diversity sensitivity training, affirmative action, racism lawsuits, and the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. Additional trillions have been spent by the government to integrate schools, close the racial achievement gap, and hand out welfare checks to thugs and their illegitimate children.

God alone knows how many crimes are perpetrated for racial reasons.

America has street riots, burning buildings, looted shops, and entire cities destroyed (Detroit).

What more will it take for Americans to wake up and realize that racial diversity is destroying civilization?