The COEXIST bumper sticker has become an object of mockery for the right (and rightly so), but Pope Francis seems to support it.

After some of the fiercest anti-immigrant violence in recent history this week, Francis urged Italian Christians to create multicultural communities open for all:
"It is possible to have dialogue, listen to each other and plan together, and in this way overcome suspicion and prejudice and build safe, peaceful and inclusive co-existence."
But those he expects Italians to "coexist" with are violent Muslim migrants who've caused a massive spike in violent Third World crime:
"Rome's mayor has insisted that the asylum seekers will not be removed from the centre, as local residents are demanding, arguing that an influx of non-Italians has brought problems of crime and prostitution."
Someone should ask the Pope whether Muslims and Christians have EVER coexisted peacefully? Is 1,400 years of violence not enough to convince him the faiths are diametrically opposed to one another?

Exacerbating the problem is the issue of IQ and ethnicity. Muslim Middle Easterners and black Africans have been repeatedly shown to have lower genetically inherited IQs than native Italians. Why would Italians accept the deliberate dumbing down of their communities? Why would Italians want to recreate the savage chaos of Mid-East and African social affairs in their native land?

For the true Italian people, the mass dumping of Third World ethnic groups in their homeland represents an existential threat to their way of life; a way of life that has continued for thousands of years.

For this reason, a rising tide of right wing Italian youths are standing up for their people and country:
"[Coexisting] looks unlikely in the short-term in Tor Sapienza, which was last week the scene of some of the worst scenes of anti-immigrant violence witnessed in Europe for years. A building housing around 50 migrants was pelted with stones, flares and other missiles for three consecutive nights. Windows were smashed, rubbish bins set ablaze and there were pitched battles with riot police that became sufficiently serious for the city authorities to order the removal of teenagers from the centre. There was also some evidence of the local protest being hijacked by far right groups with references to 'Il Duce' - as Italy's former dictator Benito Mussolini styled himself -- featuring alongside overtly racist and anti-Islamic chants and banners." (November 16, 2014)
These young people probably know little more about Mussolini than that he was president the last time Italy had any pride. They seek to restore their country's sense of identity. Their ancestral fathers fought the Muslims on the Anatolian Peninsula, in the Holy Land, and on the Mediterranean. Why should they not fight them now in their own homeland? Are they better than their fathers?

Recently, I was sitting through a recruitment lecture for missionaries to Italy. During the lecture, race and immigration came up. The recruiter commented on how the restoration congregations in Italy are sharply segregated between the native Italians and the often black African immigrants. We were told that even the homeless squatting in the train stations associated mostly with members of their own ethnicity. This point was bemoaned: "Hopefully, they will integrate soon."

We were told of an American couple (the new program directors) who'd made it their mission to integrate the segregated churches. The chances of integration are not good if American Christianity is any indication.

When will modern Christians realize that God created natural order, and that part of that order is racial and ethnic division? When will Italians be allowed to live their own lives without threat of invasion from criminal alien immigrants?

More importantly, when will leftist Christian leaders like Pope Francis stop morally berating them for wanting safe and productive communities? When are sensible people allowed to stand up and say that "coexisting" is a foolish utopian dream and the races aren't equal? When will God's creation be accepted and his will acknowledged?

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