New Sanctuary Philadelphia
Networks of dozens of churches around the country are organizing to aid and abet criminal alien invaders facing deportation from the United States.

One such program in the Southwest has named their program "Sanctuary 2014," and it's based at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tuscan, Arizona.

Because U.S. deportation laws don't allow for the seizure of illegal individuals within houses of worship, many criminal aliens have been invited by churches to reside in their buildings indefinitely.

Why would supposedly God fearing churches seek to undermine social order by helping people break the law?

Many of these churches embrace multiculturalism and view the displacement of white American Christians as God's will for the country. For these churches, diversity is the highest moral good. Western Christian civilization is viewed by these liberals as an inherent evil which should be destroyed by an invasion of low IQ immigrants who despise it.

In Philadelphia, a similar effort dubbed the "New Sanctuary Movement" says in its mission statement:
"We build our interfaith, multicultural community to express radical welcome for all... We work together to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice and transform our communities into a place where... borders and divisions disappear as we build a community welcoming to everyone."
By their own admission, these radical Marxist multiculturalists wish to eliminate borders and subvert national order.

Would God be pleased by those who wish to undermine traditional American society and Western Christian civilization?