A Portland School Declared PB & J Sandwiches 'Racist'
The concept of "racism" has been effectively used as a social engineering weapon to destroy conservative causes since the cultural Marxists invented it in the mid twentieth century.

Racism might be nothing more than a social construct, but it's become so embedded in Western society that conservatives must learn to either use this powerful tool or destroy it.

What is the definition of "racism?"

Nobody really knows. Liberal's say voter IDs are racist, opposition to mass immigration is racist, not liking Eric Holder is racist, stop and frisk is racist, even Christian missionaries are racist... pretty much anything that preserves Western Civilization or makes sense to conservatives is racist.

Basically, "racism" is whatever the liberals want it to be.

However, if racism is simply whatever the liberals want it to be why can't it also be whatever conservatives want it to be?

As conservatives (or neo-reactionaries, etc.), lets decide that racism means: "spreading lies about a race of people, often with the effect of undermining their condition."

If this is a workable definition of racism than liberals are the most racist of all groups. They ceaselessly spread blatant lies about IQ averages among blacks which has caused all our social policies towards them to be founded upon inaccurate nonsense.

Liberals slander whites unendingly in an attempt to undermine their sense of identify and legitimacy. The've blatantly lied about white history, and about all the good whites have done for mankind. They exaggerate white people's flaws while downplaying the often heinous reality about minorities (like Meso-American human sacrifice).

Using our new conservative definition of racism, liberals are racist beyond degree.

Conservatives should begin a concerted campaign to destroy the concept of racism as a weapon against sensible causes. This can be accomplished by a blitz of accusations of racism against any and every liberal cause or idea.

The general population understands racism only in the context of who is calling who a racist. Because liberals are the only ones who systematically label their opponents racist, the masses believe conservatives must be racist.

By silently redefining the term, the entire concept of racism will become irrelevant. It will amount to nothing more than a petty insult hurled across a debate table... a mere ad hominem.

The concept of racism has become so embedded in our society that conservatives cannot blindly continue to hope that it'll simply go away, they have to make it work for them. Racial realists must embrace the concept on our own terms, and become crusaders against racism.

This type of thing will win the population and nullify the liberals most lethal weapon.

For years, liberals have used "repressive tolerance" to accuse conservatives of intolerance even as their very accusations constitute acts of intolerance against conservatives.

Conservatives must use this idea (truthfully) to undermine their opponent's lies and slander.

By labeling cultural Marxists (liberals) what they've labeled us, they become the victims of their own weapon; or, at least, the wielder of a crooked sword.

The liberals want us to the play the game by their rules. If its a game of chess, then they've created a new piece (racism) which can teleport to any location on the board. Instead of playing the game by their rules, why don't we just start creating pieces too, or, better yet, turn the whole game table over on top of them.

Racial integration is racist because it undermined black business ownership. Welfare is racist because it makes black families dependent on the government. Mass immigration is racist because it displaces white people, opposition to voter ID laws are racist because they give blacks an unfair advantage at the polls, voting for Obama is racist because he's a black man, abortion is racist because it disproportionately kills poor babies.

The point is not that it makes sense... it doesn't necessarily have to make sense. Liberals haven't been making sense since the sixties. Let's change the definition of racism to: "whatever I don't like."

By that definition, liberals are definitely racist.