Africa is Absurd
Trailer depicting the absurdity of Africa.
In 2013, the government of Swaziland banned witches from flying their brooms above 150 meters. Yes... it's a real law. For those whose sense of humor tends towards the absurd, Africa is an endless source of ridiculous amusement.  Though it seems wrong to find so much enjoyment in the suffering of others, is there really any other tolerable response to the insurmountable insanity of black Africa?
For those who've grown up in the modern West, where blacks and whites are universally considered to be equally intelligent, the history of Africa is a long atrocity filled mockery of the politically correct doctrine. Attempts to demonstrate African equality with the rest of the world has produced some of the more brazen educational absurdities in history. Real research demonstrates quiet clearly that sub-Saharan African people were almost naked, totally uneducated, and incapable of creating the wheel before Europeans and Muslims showed up. Despite contact with one of the most advanced civilizations in ancient history (Egypt) black Africans remained in a state of primordial savagery for thousands of years. While the rest of the world was slowly but surely advancing, black Africa was in a state of timeless barbarism.
Great Zimbabwe - Probably Constructed by Non-Africans
The one structure accounted to them after 10,000 years of human history is "Great Zimbabwe," which is nothing more than some stacked rocks containing no written records, no African artifacts, and no established history. The question of whether blacks constructed it is still unanswered. So far, the evidence leans towards its being built by an outside trading group from the Middle East. The very fact that Great Zimbabwe is even considered among so called African "accomplishments" is astounding considering such a measly structure wouldn't warrant a reference within the guide books of Europe, Mesoamerica, or the Orient. The politically correct crowd has poured considerable energy into bolstering the black African's reputation in an effort to counter the Victorian "racism" of colonialism, and yet, their absolute failure in this regard is a most amusing academic hilarity. Pre-European/Muslim black Africans never developed agriculture, a written language, domesticated animals, built a two story structure, created a calendar, or believed in a non-animistic religion. How is such a streak of failure possible? Modern history provides us with many more examples of nonsensical Africa, and its irrational population.
'Emperor' Bokasso on His Throne (CAR)
Who could forget the Central African Empire's cannibal "emperor" Jean-Bedel Bokassa who liked to feed human flesh to foreign ambassadors just for the laughs. Or the third president of Uganda the imbecilic Ibi Amin who had himself officially titled: "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Ibi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire of Africa in General and Uganda in Particular." Time Magazine called him: "killer and clown, big hearted buffoon and strutting martinet." Ibi Amin's regime killed 100,000 to 500,000 people during his "presidency," but you'll never hear of it... that's just your average African weekend. Then there's the president of Gambia (since 1994) Yahya Jammeh who claims to have mystical powers and to have discovered the cure for AIDS. He also asserts that the first transatlantic flight flew from Eastern Europe to Gambia (maybe he moved the Atlantic with his mystical powers). Who can forget the current dictator of Equatorial Guinea, Teodorao Mbasogo, who stole all the money in the national treasury to "stop public officials from being tempted to corruption," and is reported to eat his enemies testicles to "gain power." There is also Teodorao's uncle Francisco Nguema who changed the national motto to "There is No God but Fransico Nguema," closed down hospitals so that people would visit witch doctors, and banned the practice of fishing. We get into really weird territory with president Mobutu Seko. The dictator of Zaire made laws forbidding TV stations from mentioning anyone's name but his own and forced every program to start with a video of him descending from the heavens.
Kids Holding Human Organ
Did I mention that all of the above leaders have been either proven to be cannibals or reasonably accused of the practice? Beyond the insane dictators there's also the day to day activity of Africa: genital mutilation, breast ironing, neck stretching... you know, normal stuff. What about Bangwa scarification, a practice in which people tear up their skin so that it regrows in weird patterns? Eritrea's established prison camps routinely throw people into shipping containers for years. Public officials defecate daily on the beaches in Monrovia, Liberia (refer to the full version of the above video). You can't get out of Africa without seeing a few eyebrow raising statistics.
25% of men in South Africa ADMIT to having raped a women. Only 27% of people in the South Sudan can read. In Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotha more than 20% of the population has AIDS. Even the 'civilized' state of Nigeria is a terrible place. The country has bands of roaming radicals like Boko Haram (literally translated "Western Religion is a Sin") running around kidnapping hundreds of girls (#bringbackourgirls). Meanwhile, amid global outcry, the Nigerian government has done absolutely nothing to retrieve them. Only 3% of the Nigerian population has a car. The life expectancy in Nigeria is only 52. The country of Somalia alone has experienced 24 coups since 1960 (successful and unsuccessful). In 2012 one report claimed that since independence from Europe Africa has experienced over 200 governmental overthrows. But does anyone really know? For that matter, does Africa really have any form of government in the first place? In other news, the president of South Africa recently told his people that taking a shower would reduce the risk of getting HIV/AIDS, and that his own political party (ANC) would rule the country until the return of Jesus. Speaking of AIDS, there's currently a massive epidemic of black men raping babies in South Africa because they think it will cure them of the virus. South Africa is supposed to be the civilized African country, but less than 10% of murders there end in prosecution. In other words, 9 times out of 10 you're getting away with murder in SA. If its that bad in "first world" South Africa can anyone imagine what it's like in the Congo!? We cant forget about ethnic cleansing. The genocides in Rwanda and Darfur were two of the biggest genocides in human history. Both have taken place in the last 20 years. Africa's greatest contribution to humanity was Nelsen Mandela, a guy who advocated throwing burning tires around people's necks and authorized a train station bombing that killed nearly 20 people.
Somali Sea Pirates (2012)
Utilizing the anarchy in Africa, sea pirates have now made the continent their home. In 2011, it was reported that maritime piracy was at an all time high At least Africa has one major export... buccaneers (though without cool ships or costumes). The conditions in Africa are so bad that Barack Obama's half brother George told a documentary that Kenya would have been better off if the white man had continued ruling it. The clown show demonstrates no signs of stopping. The Ebola crisis is the latest production point of nonsense. The Liberian government can't contain the virus because most of the population thinks it's the result of witchcraft.
A fake cult cite to Ebola-Chan 
The African response to the pandemic has devolved into such a joke that the upstanding citizens of 4chan created the meme "Ebola-Chan" whom they praise as mankind's savior from "subhuman" Africans. Predictably, many Nigerians actually believe Ebola-Chan is worshiped by Western doctors who released the virus in Africa. Rudyard Kipling's phrase "half-demon, half-child" is a fitting description of the black African population. Their IQs are so low that giving them weapons, technology, and western institutions was a colossal mistake. Like chimps with machine guns they're now using the white man's gifts to commit staggering atrocities that would be comical in absurdity if they weren't tragic. Africa is a senseless place. In the heart of darkness, the animalistic impulse always triumphs. Therefore, this video of a monkey with an AK somehow represents the spirit of Africa much more acutely than any written description.
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma Dancing in a Loincloth