The vast majority of men in this video are black or Hispanic. Feminists need not lump white and Asian men together with blacks and Latinos.

Whites and Asians don't harass women like other minorities do. If women don't want to be verbally assaulted in the streets they should campaign for segregation and the end of immigration.

White Christian men are just as concerned about the barbaric treatment of women as feminists are. No conservative man wants his wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter treated like a piece of meat by rapacious low IQ minorities.

It's the duty of civilized men to help stop this disgusting behavior.

Even as a white man, I've experienced this behavior from blacks. Whenever I drive a moped around, I'll inevitably encounter a pack of young black males screaming unintelligible phrases at me.

It's possible that their extremely low intelligence is the cause of this primal behavior, but if whites hope to live in a civilized society something has to change. God has no place for animalism in his church.