Streets of squalor in Nairobi, Kenya.
The recent Ebola crisis (which began in Liberia) highlights the problem with African aid. By causing a demographic explosion in Africa with the artificial donation of huge amounts of food and resources, whites have inadvertently created a teaming cesspool from which disease will spawn.

In a USA Today article linked by The Drudge Report with the question "Could outbreak last forever?" the author reports the recent Ebola virus might never be brought under control:
"If the world doesn't get the Ebola outbreak in West Africa under control quickly, the disease could become a permanent fixture in the region, spreading as routinely as malaria or the flu... then 'many more countries will have cases, and it won't be just West Africa... There is so much mobility now, this can spread anywhere."
"We are concerned that without a massive increase in the response, way beyond what is being planned in scale and urgency... it will prove impossible to bring the epidemic under control,' wrote disease researchers Jeremy Farrar, of the Welcome Trust, and Peter Piot, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in an accompanying editorial."
As the article admits, nothing is being done, or even planned, which is capable of defeating the Ebola epidemic in Africa. Ebola is becoming a fixture of the region, destined to spread to other areas of our globalized world.

To some extant, white Christians deserve to be blamed for this outbreak and all future mutant diseases which might emerge from the dark continent.


Because the incubators for such diseases, impoverished densely populated regions, have been created in Africa by the higher birth rates made possible by Western aid - much of which has been contributed by church affiliated efforts.

In 1850, the population of the entire continent of Africa (including Caucasian North Africa) was only 95 million. Today (2014), it's over a billion. Most of this population growth has occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa; a region in which the average person has an IQ of only 70 (the mental retardation threshold).
Population of Africa: White Aid has produced unsustainable population increase.
White aid to black Africa caused an unsustainable population expansion built entirely on Euroethnic assistance. If whites were to exit the African scene tomorrow a massive population contraction would begin.

Because population expansion in black Africa didn't occur without white innovation, blacks never developed the sanitation practices necessary to safely support huge numbers of people. As a result, we now have massive slums and teaming crowds of people defecating on the beaches of Liberia's capital city.

New York Times article:
"The risks that Ebola will spread quickly, and the difficulties in containing it, are multiplied in a dense urban environment, especially one where the health system has largely collapsed..."
With such low intelligence, the population of Africa cannot innovate health procedures as fast as whites did during their own self created population increase. White missionary and colonial goodwill efforts created the filthy modern sub-Saharan backwater that has become a hive of uncontrolled disease and pestilence festering without limitation.

If the planet leaves Africa unregulated it's only a matter of time until another illness rises out of the muck of the sub-Sahara to infect the entire world.

It would be unhealthy to leave a garbage pile of rotting food and waste in one's home. Such a pile would attract infected animals, breed disease, and produce air unworthy of breathing. It's also unwise for the civilized population of earth to allow Africa to remain a festering cesspool of germs and squalor.

The dark continent has already produced the AIDS epidemic which spilled out into every corner of the globe from West Central Africa (probably the Congo). Why did AIDS spread? Because the African population is known for rampant promiscuity, and in such densely populated regions the virus could not be contained.

What should white Christians do?

Let Africa's population return to its pre-aid numbers. Black Africans do not have the intelligence to sustain civilized society and should be allowed to diminish to their pre-colonial state (95 million).

There are no filthy slums if there aren't enough people to inhabit them.

The African people have shown themselves utterly incapable of containing the viruses that emerge from their homelands. Since the outbreak began, endless news stories report of black natives attacking aid workers, breaking out of quarantine, and blaming the epidemic on witchcraft.
"In an interview with The Telegraph, Dr Black... said: 'There is a section of population here who simply don’t believe Ebola is real, they think it is witchcraft and so they don’t come to the treatment centres... Sometimes, even those who turn up at clinics with symptoms of the disease will be resistant to the idea that they have it. They will say 'yes, people in my family have died already, but this is witchcraft rather than Ebola.'"
The governments of these African regions appear to be little more than clumsy indolent bureaucracies inept at everything but making things worse.

One incident in Liberia featured armed soldiers gunning down members of a mob looking to evade quarantine.

African media is hardly less sane. Liberia's largest newspaper claimed the United States government had engineered the Ebola virus and loosed it in their country.

God didn't design blacks in such a way as to maintain huge populations. White Christians should not deny this reality. Though it may be difficult to watch people die, we can't rebel against God's created order. We will all eventually die, it's not our duty to protect mortal life so much as to protect spiritual life. We should not put the planet at risk to sustain an unnatural order constructed to relieve our discomfort.