Minnesota is home to 30,000 Somali refugees who were allowed to come to America to escape their country's raging civil war. In thanks for this favor, they've begun displacing native residents living in Minneapolis.

In one district, Somalis took over an entire school board. In another, one named Mohammed Noor is trying to beat out a local congresswoman.

The Somalis in the district say they will vote for him because he's a Somali Muslim: "for many Somali voters, what's important is, 'He's Somali. He's a Muslim. He's a good guy,' said Khadija Hirsi, 76, who lives in the community."

In my own hometown, Somalis have almost taken over one of the neighborhoods. When I was in high school I witnessed them refusing to speak English and constantly disrespecting white people. They also smelled terrible.

One Saturday, my local YMCA held a food drive. The place was covered with veiled Somali women grabbing all the food they could get. Some of them would fight over certain items, and refuse food they felt was below them. They would often blatantly disobey the rules to forcibly take more than they were allowed.

These same families would get free memberships to the Y, and I was forced to lifeguard them while they swam. They would wear full coverings in the water, which was against the rules, but they would pretend not to speak English and we couldn't kick them out. "Bread and circuses."