Since the 1960s the feminine has slowly grown tyrannical. Dominance and leadership are usually considered masculine traits, but the feminine has attempted to force its own values on everyone else. I used to be a feminist. I used to think feminine values were superior to male ones, but the older I get the more I realize this is hardly the truth.

Generally speaking, women hate conflict. They want everyone to live in perfect harmony and sing kumbaya. Sure, some women actually do love a good fight (physical or mental), but the majority only get ticked off enough to fight when they feel someone is spoiling the harmony.

This might be a good strategy. I mean, who wants to fight all the time?

The problem is most women can't factor in long term consequences. They don't seem to have a concept of analytical analysis. They feel something like compassion or empathy and they do anything within their power to relieve the suffering immediately, no matter what the long term consequences might be (they usually don't think about them).

The quintessential example of this is the recent immigrant invasion on the Southern border. Most of my traditionalist conservative female friends understand male virtues like justice and defense need to effect how we deal with the crisis. They know men shouldn't allow people to invade their country.

Most of my feminist liberal friends, however, who basically don't believe in masculine values at all, express disgust with anyone opposed to America accepting every sick and hungry child in the world. On my Facebook feed one girl claimed "Jesus wouldn't turn away any of the children crossing the border. Anyone who opposes these immigrants isn't acting like a Christian. Their just cruel."

Never mind that these "children" (most are 15 to 17 year old males) are breaking the law, bringing in all kinds of diseases, trafficking drugs, and are statistically more prone to committing violent crimes than white Americans.

Never mind they vote overwhelmingly for big government handouts, have much lower IQs than the native born, and drive down wages for everyone by offering to work for $0.10 cents an hour.

Feminine tyranny attempts to dominate all discussions, refuses to acknowledge any place for masculine virtues, and wants emotionalism to trump all reason.

If these liberal females get their way, many will be suffering a new kind of tyranny. The kind that grows out of violent Third World misogynistic views of women as chattel... but they don't think that far ahead.

There is absolutely a place for emotionalism and empathy; those virtues are extremely important, but when the broader society has eliminated all virtue except the feminine, that society is headed for absurdity.

Recently, I was socially ousted from a church group I'd been attending for years. When I began going, the main characters of the group were primarily guys. We spent our time talking about controversial political, religious, and social questions. Many of us had out of the box ideas some might consider offensive. Nobody cared, it was just fun intriguing argument.

Over the years the group changed. The main guys moved on for various reasons and were replaced entirely by girls. Pretty soon, I was the only regular guy.

This dramatic change in the demographics changed the tone of discussion. Analytical evidence based thought disappeared. Everything was about how "I feel" or how other people might perceive, etc. Obviously, I changed my conversation style to fit this new environment, but I couldn't expunge my entire nature.

Eventually, my end arrived when they decided to gang up on me and claim I was "offensive" and "driving people away." The reforms I 'd taken to assimilate into the new group weren't enough. I was still too masculine for their fluffy world. They were horrified I would suggest people were wrong, or that I would bore everyone with evidence to support my points. They claimed I was "abrasive." Three years ago, these traits had made me one of the leading thinkers of the group. Now, they were abominable abuses. Sins of the mind.

The whole of American society has taken on the temperament of the girls who ostracized me from my own church group. All forms of traditional dominance and masculinity are disparaged.

In colleges, men are taught the "evils" of imperialism, asserting oneself over other cultures, and intellectually overcoming people's stupid ideas. The history of Western Civilization is one of men abusing women, submerging cultures, and ruthlessly oppressing minorities.

The solution to these problems, we're told, is for men to become like women. Everyone is equal, harmony, multiculturalism, speech codes to make us gentle/unoffensive, spending more time sensitively absorbing other people/beliefs. Recess is canceled in schools, fighting is grounds for expulsion, God forbid anyone ever use force to constrain wild "youths."

We have to ask permission to do anything. If we want a house we need to consult the proper authorities for building codes, if we want to start a business we need to ask the proper tax authorities, if we want to drive down the street we need to make sure the authorities licensed our vehicles and skills, people can't even sell homegrown food anymore without the department of agriculture regulating it. All initiative has been discouraged.

In our jobs, we're forced to pretend to be nice to people. One can never upset the costumer. That would be "mean."

One Seattle based pastor used a pseudonym to post comments about how America has become dominated by feminine tyranny:
"the revelation that Driscoll [pastor] has been using a pseudonym to post on message boards, where he laments that 'We live in a pussified nation' and that it's full of 'sensitive emasculated men.'"
Nevermind that he made the comments 14 years ago, he was recently forced to apologize for them. Wimpy Christians across the nation are calling for his resignation. Modern Christians have probably never read the passages where Jesus insults the Pharisees as "vipers" or drives people out of the temple with whips.

What happened to freedom? It's been murdered by the modern feminine tyranny.