America's left wing Christians are encouraging and assisting the invasion of America.

Suggesting what benefits Obama might receive by granting amnesty to millions, former Nixon advisor Pat Buchanan said: "It could weld Hispanics to the Democratic Party, [and] would be wildly popular with the ideological and Christian left."

Liberal social justice Churches have been helping refuge thousands of illegal aliens near the Mexican border. National Geographic profiled one church in Texas that was aiding the invaders:
"about 5,400 migrants have passed through the church on their way to all four corners of the United States. Some will keep their appointments with the American judicial system and apply for asylum in the weeks to come... Many will decide to skip the legalities and simply slip into the mass of undocumented migrants."
Churches like these are aiding and abetting criminals, and they know it. The New York Times recently published an article entitled 'U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children.' The author discusses the widespread support that illegal invasion has among left wing Christians:
"on Tuesday, a coalition of evangelical organizations sent a letter to members of Congress, opposing proposals for expedited deportation of the migrants. A similar letter is being prepared by a wide range of mainline denominations, including the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ."
The Catholic Church is also assisting:
"The Catholic Church also opposes any effort to make it easier to deport children; last week, the archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis E. George, said he had offered facilities in his diocese to house some of the children, and on Monday, bishops in Dallas and Fort Worth called for lawyers to volunteer to represent the children at immigration proceedings."
When responsible nationalistic leaders stand against the invasion of their states by hordes of illegals, Christian groups are often the first to disagree with them:
"When the governor of Iowa, Terry E. Branstad, said he did not want the migrants in his state, declaring, 'We can’t accept every child in the world who has problems,' clergy members in Des Moines held a prayer vigil at a United Methodist Church to demonstrate their desire to make room for the refugees."
Should Christians support the invasion of millions of immigrants who vote overwhelmingly for the party of gay marriage, welfare, abortion and godlessness? Should Christians support millions of invaders who believe in a strange syncretic version of Aztec paganism blended with a facade of Christianity?

What benefit does white Christian American gain by allowing this unlawful anarchic invasion of our borders? Christians are called to help the needy, but if we destroy our civilization in the process of doing this how sustainable is our assistance? We may be able to save them now, but in destroying ourselves we rob the world of any help we could offer in the future.

It's irresponsible for white Christians to waste our country and destroy their children's inheritance. When did Christianity become a religion of reckless decisions and bad stewardship? Would God be proud of us for mindlessly erasing the country he gave us?