Christians are badly losing the war for public opinion. The general population is increasingly moving away from Christianity as the source of their worldview. A recent Washington Post article on gay marriage polling reads:
"According to a new ABC News / Washington Post poll, 58% of Americans now support gay marriage, which marks a remarkable 26 percentage point jump in just nine years. The most sizable support comes from 18-29 year olds, where 81% now believe gay marriage should be legal, an increase of 24 percentage points from 2004."
26% in nine years. How could the American public have altered their views about the most fundamental institution in mankind's history so drastically in less than a decade? A public opinion coup of this caliber would be impossible 50 years ago.

The Bible says homosexual intercourse is an abomination. Now, 31% of evangelical Christians, and 59% of self identified Catholics call it a fundamental human right (above link).

That the document upon which 2,000 years of Western Civilization was founded has now been routed in nine years calls for serious questions regarding the nature of public opinion and the American people. Is it possible this kind of alteration in people's views of the oldest human institution could have occurred without a near conspiratorial effort on the part of  godless liberal organizations?

What kind of effort must have been required to brainwash 81% of the American youth? Modern Christians must realize that we're fighting against a demonic social machine. Gone are the days when people's primary opinions were shaped by their friends, family, and community. Today, American's have their beliefs fed to them through endless exposure to media: commercials, TV shows, cinema, internet, etc.

It's come to my attention that Christians may need to retreat almost entirely from this civilization. It's values are poisonous, and it's questionable whether anyone can deeply involve oneself in it without being corrupted. Christian children cannot be expected to sit through 13 years of multiculturalist Common Core public education, four to six years of Marxist college education, and years of TV, movie, and internet time every day and emerge into adulthood with a solid Christian worldview.

Christian's must create alternative socialization options for themselves and their children if they hope to spiritually survive.