The above slide show demonstrates how migrants have been invading predominantly white countries since the 1980s.

51% of the world's migrants have moved into the top 10 refugee receiving countries (all formally white) in what amounts to a systematic displacement of white Christian populations from their homelands.

Currently, over 12% of the US population consists of first generation immigrants. Virtually none of them are white.

Would God approve of a generation too cowardly to stand up to an invasion of the land he'd given them? Would God approve of a ruling class driving down wages for its own people, displacing their kindred from jobs, and encouraging millions to freely disregard the rule of law by crossing our borders?

Would God have us waste the inheritance of our fathers by providing welfare checks to illegals? Does he want us to rob our own children's futures to provide free handouts for entitled criminal trespassers?

Being good stewards of our blessings doesn't mean squandering them in a gamble on utopian multiculturalism.

Third World immigrants from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East are fleeing their own dysfunctional countries rather than fixing them. They wrecked their own inheritance, and now they hope to wreck that of white Christian America.

In the past, immigrants left their mostly prosperous European nations and came to our lands. They came to benefit America. As Europeans they were our cultural cousins, as Christians they were our spiritual brothers and sisters, and as whites they shared our blood and DNA (an inheritance of high average IQ).

The modern immigrant hordes don't share our culture, and they don't come from Europe. Many of them are Amerindians practicing a hybrid religion of Catholicism and Aztec paganism. [1] Others are Muslims, Buddhists, or animists. These new immigrants come from poor regions impoverished by their own population's lack of inherited intelligence.

There is no doubt these new comers will drag down America's average IQ and subject intelligent whites to primitive behaviors and social structures.

Acts 17:26 says that God marked out the boundaries of the nations. Will Christians allow the rebellion of our utopian minded society to erase these borders? Hopefully not. God is not a tyrant, he may allow us to get what we deserve.


[1] Jennifer Hoppe. 'El Sincretismo: Religious Syncretism in Latin America.' University of North Carolina. 2003.