White Flight from Football

Thuggish Stanford 'Graduate' Richard Sherman

The big sports news lately is that the largest youth football organization in the country (Pop Warner) has reported a 10% drop in participation over the last two years.

Some 70% of current NFL players participated in Pop Warner football as children.
Forbes magazine's website posted an article entitled: 'Why Is Football Participation Declining? The Answer Isn't Concussions.'

In the article, the author argues that there are a three reasons why football is declining in popularity among American youth:

[1] Increased Sports Specialization - If Kids aren't exceptional at a sport they move on until they find one they might excel at.
[2] No Opportunity in College - Football is so saturated with talent it's unlikely a kid will earn a collegiate scholarship.
[3] The Growth of Lacrosse - Lacrosse has sucked higher income kids away from football, and employers like kids that have played elite ivy league sports.
Although I agree with these three suggestions I think the primary reason is more basic: White flight.
Basketball and boxing were once huge sports in America. However, as African-Americans steadily became majorities in these sports Whites simply moved on to other activities. 

Within recent memory football was majority White, today, it is dominated by Blacks. A simple look at the starting lineup of the top teams (Alabama, Ohio State, and Florida State) reveal that they are almost entirely Black.

In addition to this, football has taken on an almost thuggish character. During post-game interviews many of the star players reveal an almost incredible inability to speak proper English. It is hard to imagine that some of them could pass college level course work. 
Personally, I have heard from Tuscaloosa students that many of the players at Alabama are simply illiterate. 
It doesn't surprise me. 
Most of the quality players are covered with tattoos (think Terrell Pryor).
The attitudes, showiness, and brutish culture that surrounds modern college football players is enough for any parent to say 'I'm not sending my kid into that locker room!'

Making things worse are the immature NFL players who are always finding new ways to either get arrested or look like idiots.

Just as Whites fled Detroit, South Africa, and other areas when Blacks began to move in so football is experiencing a 'White flight' out of the sport and into more classy suburban middle/upper class safe havens which still retain a respectable culture.