A recent video trending on Huffington Post pushes for strait white males to begin apologizing for their "privilege."

But what would white males apologize for? Should we apologize for creating thousands of medical advancements and agricultural techniques that have caused historically unequaled infant survival rates and population growth?

Should we apologize for saving blacks from an impoverished pagan disease ridden continent, teaching them Christianity, freeing them, and allowing them to live among us as equals in the richest country on the planet while their African cousins waste away from starvation, AIDS, and genocide?

Should we apologize for creating the most educated civilization in mankind's history?

Should we apologize for spreading God's religion from one end of the globe to the other?

Should we apologize for developing the internet and technology that allows poor minorities to have a voice in the globalized world?

Should we apologize for the welfare programs that now provide nutrition to millions of dysfunctional black families?

Should we apologize for elevating women to their current status while the rest of the world used them as reproductive chattel?

Can anyone imagine a women like Queen Elizabeth ruling a mighty empire in the sixteenth century Middle East? What about China? Forget about it.

Thanks to white males, the demographic trends, technological advancement, education, religion, and general welfare of black Africa is a hundred times better than it was before European contact.

Thanks to white males, women are no longer treated like throwaway sex slaves as they were in India and Mesoamerica.

Thanks to white males, the saving message of Christianity has now reached almost every tribe, tongue, and nation on earth.

If anyone should be apologizing, it should be everyone else apologizing to white males for not contributing equally to the progress of humanity.