Regions Where Polygamy is Legal (Black)
Kenya has passed a law legalizing polygamy. Polygamy has been practiced in the region forever, but now polygamous marriages are recognized by law.

What is the argument Kenyans are using to justify this practice? Their taking a page from the American playbook. Legalizing polygamy is about marriage equality! As one jubilant women told CNN: "We are happy with the law because finally all marriages are being treated equally."

The only problem some women's groups have with the law is that the first wife doesn't get veto power over who else marries her husband.

This might seem acceptable, or at least predictable, if Kenya was a Muslim country. But it's not. Kenya is 82.5% Christian (America is only 77% Christian).

African Christianity has always been notoriously shallow. Europeans only ever managed to impose a superficial facade of Christianity over the African inhabitants.

Nowadays, Christian leaders are prone to claiming Africa is the future of the Church. They point to the demographic explosion on that continent (which is fueled by white aid), and the high rates of conversion. When one looks behind the thin veneer of Christian language, however, one quickly realizes most Africans are incapable of actually applying the lessons of Christianity to their lives. It takes big events like Kenya's polygamy law to expose the inconvenient truth.