The latest front for anti-Caucasian propaganda emanating from the multicultural ideologues is the white privilege movement.

White privilege argues that white people are born with unfair benefits, and their mere presence makes them involuntary oppressors of minorities.

The white privilege movement has been running ads similar to this one in Minnesota:

Within the last week, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government has begun mandating 'privilege' training for all incoming political science majors.

Needless to say, Christians should reject any movement that encourages an entire race of people to feel guilty for their existence.

How is this latest slander of white people going to improve race relations in America? How is it going to foster a more loving relationship between human ethnic families?

If minorities start believing that white people possess some kind of unfair "privilege" are they going to be more or less likely to form healthy relationships with them?

Talk of white privilege can only lead to more division and distrust in multiracial churches, and more guilt, envy, fear, and anger between the races.

One of the interesting facets of the white privilege movement is that there's little talk of fixing the "problem."

Why? Because white privilege is something a person can't get rid of. White people are innately guilty of it, they can't rectify it, they can't remedy the injustice... whites just have to sit around and accept that their existence is oppressive to others.

If there is no way to fix the problem, and bringing up the problem is just going to lead to greater racial agitation, then why should Christians encourage this kind of accusative talk?

The white privilege movement is a racist one meant to destroy the identity and reputations of white people.

God didn't create white people inherently evil. More than any other racial group on earth, whites have spread the Gospel of Christ.

For a great critique of the privilege movement see Jared Taylor's short video 'White Privilege: The New Frontier of White Guilt.'