Modern Christianity has been taken over by multiculturalists and racial naivists.

Though science and history disprove the concepts of cognitive equality between the races, and social science has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that diversity reduces social capital and destroys community, leftist Christians plow ahead with their irrational goal to reshape the church into a multicultural paradise.

As a Christian who came to the truth about human biodiversity it is incredibly disturbing to me that so little effort has been made to apply racial realism to Christianity and the Church.

While cultural secularists berate the church for always being late to catch up with social, scientific, political, and artistic trends it is discouraging to once again find Christianity lagging behind on the issue of race and ethnicity.

It seems astonishing that Christianity would wish to ally itself with the secular conceptions of Marxism embraced by the modern post-Christian West.

Among the supreme lies of this multicultural world is the denial of the place of race and ethnicity in people's lives. Though the historical and scientific evidence is insurmountable, it is not surprising that in this "culture of death" we find the same society that embraces homosexual marriage also gravitating towards convenient and pleasing lies about race.

This blog will seek to approach racial issues from a realistic Christian perspective.