Americans often turn to nationalism in moments of patriotic furor. Slogans like "buy American" encourage citizens to purchase products that support local companies rather than foreign ones.

The effects of "buy American" are appealing because spending money on an American company ensures money stays in America and enriches our nation. If Americans buy from foreign companies the money leaves the country and enriches foreigners.

In Romans 12:10, Paul told the Roman Christians they should prefer one another. It seems logical this preference should involve issues of business, and what better way to show preference then by supporting businesses run by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

Just as buying local enriches the local economy, buying Christian enriches the Church. Money represents a certain amount of power, the power to invest in causes, goods, and people. Christians should think twice about who they give money and power to.

Would you rather your community's power were wielded by members of the Church or by greedy secular amoral post-modern corporations?