For the last couple decades Christians have been slandered by their enemies as "racists." Over and over again this charge has proven to be absurd.

Today, calling someone "racist" amounts to nothing more than a petty insult. "Racist" is now a synonym for "jerk" or "mean." Nowadays, doing or saying virtually anything can get one slandered as a racist.

Recent studies claim Christians are a racist group of people. The Washington Redskins football team is being called "racist" for having an Amerindian mascot (does that mean the Minnesota Vikings are racist against White people?). The Tea Party is regarded as racist for opposing the national debt. A college fraternity was called racist when it decided to throw a cowboys & Indians themed costume party. Mitt Romney was called racist because only 6% of blacks voted for him (shouldn't it be the other way around?). A Pennsylvania law was recently struck down for being racist after the state decided to check people's IDs before allowing them to vote (Walmart recently checked my ID before I bought a $1 pocket knife). Businesses have been called racist for refusing to hire illegal aliens to work for them. The media even claims you can be married to someone of another race and still be racist.

All of this begs the question: if anything and everything is now racist doesn't that mean nothing is actually racist?

Lets be honest, does the word "racism" even have a real definition anymore? I've had people tell me the definition of racism is believing that there are different races. If this is true, than the US government is racist for listing demographic data.

Christians should move beyond the concept of racism. We should start seeing reality rather than viewing the world through the lens of racial animosity. Until we rid ourselves of the foggy obscurity of fabricated modern sins like racism we can't begin addressing the real problems facing our world.