Its been reported in the LA Times that a recent study by Oxfam International revealed that the richest 85 people in the world own 46% of Earth's wealth. 85 individuals own as much as 3.5 billion.

This statistic seems unbelievable, but appears to express what we already knew about the new international elite.

The rise of globalization has divorced the needs of the rich from the needs of the common people. The rich no longer live side by side with the average person, they no longer send their kids to the same schools, and they no longer even need local commoners to work in their factories (they can off-shore jobs to China). [1]

In the middle ages, the lords and ladies were members of the community like everyone else. Although their status put them in authority positions over the peasants, they still came into contact with the poorest of the poor every day of their lives. The aristocracy of the middle ages were as dependent on the poor as the poor were dependent on them.

Today, however, the new aristocracy is its own society. In all practical ways, the global elite doesn't even live in the same world as the average American. They have secluded themselves into elite zip codes and schools. They have no true citizenship. Some make a fortune in the US while having their transportation (helicopters, yachts, etc.) and residences registered in tax havens. [2]

If the super rich don't participate in the average middle class American's life then why do Americans continue to believe these "job creators" have their best interests in mind?

Consider the way in which American manufacturing jobs are on their way to extinction. This has led to falling wages and higher real unemployment rates as middle income jobs are being replaced with service jobs.

Why is this happening? Short answer: the global elite have been pushing globalization.

Globalization has resulted in free trade policies and the elimination of tariffs that once held production jobs in America. Why would the super rich pay middle class wages for Americans to produce their goods when they can use slave labor in the third world for free?

Mass immigration into America has displaced native workers and contributed to stagnated wages for the last four decades. While the average American despises illegal immigration and amnesty, the new aristocracy of political and business elite do everything in their power to destroy national boundaries and encourage mass immigration into developed western countries. [3]

In Europe, the people are so strongly against Muslim / third world immigration they're voting into power right wing anti-EU parties across the continent. Voters are so fed up with the establishment global elite that in Greece they gave the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party control of their government because their members were known to mug immigrants in the streets.

In pushing positions that damage their electorate, the behavior of the political elite seems illogical. However, if one assumes they're answering to a new aristocracy of transnational elite their behavior makes perfect sense.

Money in politics streams primarily from the global elite who want to end the populist nationalism that brought people together for the common good.

In America, the original European population has a far higher average IQ than incoming third world immigrants from Mexico and Africa. No doubt the political elite see a possibility in mass immigration to dilute the population with less intelligent people incapable of organized resistance to their destructive policies.

The old aristocracy consisted of people who had a vested interest in improving the lives of the average person. Today, the new aristocracy has a vested interest in the exact opposite. They profit from the average American's loss, they gain power with the disenfranchisement of the American voter.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats are fighting for the American people. Republicans support free trade, Democrats support mass immigration. Both parties support massive unfunded subsidies for big business. The parties are different sides of the same coin.

The political / business elite embrace traditional values in their personal lives even as they support homosexual marriage, government sponsored laziness (welfare), and the free reign for pornography on sitcoms and computers. [4]

They probably believe they can pacify the population with sex, entertainment, and free handouts. Hopefully, their mistaken.


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