A CNN story recently helped expose widespread illiteracy in college basketball and football programs.

This probably comes as no surprise to people who watch college athletics. Many of the players interviewed after the games don't seem capable of speaking understandable English (watch the Michigan State players after the 2013 Big Ten Championship game).

This phenomenon is even more exaggerated at smaller Christian colleges who use football programs as a way to make money.

At my own college, a football program was introduced and the school was so small the incoming players dramatically changed the demographic makeup of the student body. Today, the school is primarily athletic in its identity.

My alma mater is now so obsessed with success on the field they routinely accept players who scored 12 to 14 on the ACT! Most of these athletes have no interest in Christianity, and the school has had to hire police officers to control the increase in campus crime.

These stories should serve as warnings to schools tempted to abandon Christian principals and academic excellence in pursuit of financial "success."