Can we finally stop complaining about America digging itself into a hole and just admit the USA has been six feet under for a while now?

With breaking news revealed this week that the NSA steals 200 million random text messages daily from people's phones (on top of all the emails, passwords, phone data, etc.), without even pretending they have a warrant, is it now acceptable yet to admit our government is basically a dystopian police state? [1]
With Christian prayers banned in school and the federal government encouraging homosexual marriages can we stop pretending God would even want to bless the USA? [2]

The founding fathers claimed they were creating a nation for "ourselves and our posterity," but their descendants (white Americans) now make up less than 50% of the infants born in their country. [3]

In his farewell address, George Washington warned his nation to stay out of foreign entanglements. Today, we lead the greatest foreign entanglement imaginable (the United Nations), and spend trillions of dollars dropping bombs on innocent people's weddings half way across the globe. [4]

Thomas Jefferson once boasted America was the only land in which citizens paid zero taxes to fund the government. Today, the government steals 50% of our middle class tax payer's income. [5]

America used to be the land of rugged individualism. Now, the government makes kids get bureaucratic business certifications for lemonade stands. [6]

Is there any feature of the real America remaining? Why do we even bother calling this monstrosity of a government the "United States of America?" Isn't it slightly disrespectful towards old America to continue comparing today's polyglot quasi-socialist dept stricken crime ridden quagmire to the prosperous titan of the 1950s or peaceful Republic of the 1820s?

In the interest of real America's dignity, I'm going to issue the death certificate for good old Uncle Sam. I suggest calling the modern tyranny "The Empire," and referring to old civilized America in the past tense.

R.I.P. America *1776-2014*


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